Monday, October 12, 2009

Pembangkit Semangat

Lagu ini mungkin agak panjang,memang panjang..tapi lagu ni memang best...dapat menaikkan semangat dan menyedarkan kite semua...Ingin ku kongsikan kepada sahabat2 sekalian..


Everytime we turn on the TV We see the kuffar celebrating
Thinking that they have defeated Islam
They think they can destroy
(but they can never destroy Islam)
They try to scare us,rape us,kill us,even drop their nuclear bombs
But no matter what they do,they can never destroy Islam

Allah the Almighty has promised that Islam will be victorious and that is guaranteed
BismillahirRahmanirRahim...This song is for all those who believe in this deen
And sure we have made a song to make you think
So turn up ur speakers and put this song on repeat

This song is for all those sisters who wear hijjab
Eventhough the people make fun of them
This song is for all those brothers who stand strong
Even if it means that they are left alone
This song is for all those who dont compromise Islam
Because they know Islam is the truth
No matter what happens we will never give up
Brothers and sisters the revival of Islam is up to us!

If there was a war which side would you be on
The army of Allah or the army of shaitaan?
They can't stop Islam, they drop bomb after bomb
Watching our people bleed
Trying to scare us out of this Deen
When the smokes clears
We will still be on scene
We Muslims
we'll never give up
If u follow Islam then they can't stop it
Wallahi! Victory is promised

* They can't stop Islam
They try to break us up
But they can't break this bond
They can't stop Islam
They try to take us down but Our Deen is too strong
They can't stop Islam

Victory is promised from Allah
They can't stop Islam
We'll keep coming back singing this song

Trying to fool the people
What Islam is really about
Leaving their own people confused and in doubt
Twisting the corrupted media
So they control the public opinion
While the western group put their troops on what was
Once the Muslim dominion
They pass laws to put Muslims behind bars
Without evidence (without what?)
Without cause

They stand united to make sure Muslims are devided
We are muslims ,we won't hide it or deny it

(repeat *)

When hear the falsehood we fight it with the truth

Islam did not spread by democracy
Its spread by the youth
Those who can't accept the truth
Yeah,they hate it
They can't stop Islam coz Islam is contagious
Those sisters who are strong will never take off their hijjab
Coz they don't wear it for the people
They wear for Allah We wont die for these kaafirs
Won't fight for their cause
All freedoms are false
We fight and die only for Allah

(repeat *)

A billion Muslims are a billion weak
When we sell Islam cheap and carry it incomplete

Can't stand the sight of watching my brothers bleed
This is what happens when we let the kaafirs lead

The bloodshed of an innocent Muslims
Means more to Allah than the Kaabah and InsyaAllah if we follow the straight path
They can't stop us
Let us rise up
For the revival of Islam
Like we rise up for fajr at dawn

They're going to keep dropping bombs
They're going to keep on the attack
Until we Muslims unite and bring Islam back
Bring Islam back!
Bring Islam back!
Bring Islam back!

(repeat *)

Salahuddin sacrificed everything to bring back this Deen
At one time his own sisters was captured by the King
Eventhough he could have
He didn't do anything
He could have invaded
but no he waited
With one command

With one order
He could send the Muslims army to cross the border
Bring back his sister to have the king slaughtered
But Salahuddin had a plan
And that plan could not be altered
And that plan was to unite the Muslims lands
And to put Al-Quds back in Muslims hands
Takbir! Allahuakbar!
Takbir! Allahuakbar!

Takbir! Allahuakbar!

InsyaAllah we will rise up like Salahuddin

Put Islam on the map like Khalid ibn Walid
Show the success of Islam like Haroon Rasyeed
And protect our Muslim Deen like Sultan Abdul Hamid

Log on and check out where all of this is going on what you are hearing is just the beginning
Do you want to learn about the legends of Islam
The intellectual revolution has begun
And this song is done
Ain't no copyrights in Islam So you better pass this thing on..

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